Catherine McKenna Will Advocate for Faster Adoption of Electric Buses in Ottawa

OTTAWA, September 26, 2019 – Catherine McKenna, Liberal candidate in Ottawa Centre, today committed to ensure the Federal Government is a partner in the City of Ottawa’s Electric Bus Pilot Project and in the larger goal of transitioning from diesel-fueled to electric buses. Today’s announcement was the third plank of her local platform. She was joined by Karen McCrimmon, Liberal candidate in Kanata-Carleton.

“Electric bus technology gets better and more affordable every day,” said McKenna. “If I’m re-elected, I will work to ensure the Federal government works with and supports the City’s pilot project. The long-term goal of an electric bus fleet would cut down on the noise and air pollution that comes with diesel buses and help make Ottawa the greenest capital in the world.”

The City is planning a pilot project that would add two electric buses to its fleet, along with the necessary investments in charging infrastructure. McKenna would work to support that pilot project and advance the electrification of the city’s bus fleet.

“Our government’s historic investments in public transit and green infrastructure have supported transit projects such as OC Transpo’s new LRT. The LRT will spur the largest reduction of greenhouse gasses in Ottawa’s history,” McKenna said.  “The City of Ottawa is showing real leadership on electric buses. The pilot program is another important step in putting Ottawa at the forefront of the shift to electrified public transit and reaching our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. The City can be a showcase on the adoption of electric vehicles.”

Thirteen percent of the world’s bus fleet is already electric, and the sector is growing quickly: sales of electric buses increased by 40% between 2016 and 2017. There are four electric bus manufacturers in Canada: GreenPower Motor Company, The Lion Electric Company, New Flyer Industries, and Nova Bus.

Experts estimate that by 2023, an electric bus will be cheaper to buy and operate than a diesel bus. Electric bus pilot programs, such as the one the Trudeau government recently funded in Brampton, help transit system operators learn lessons and prepare for the addition of more electric buses to their fleets.

“Transportation accounts for a significant share of Ottawa’s carbon pollution, and electric buses can be another part of the answer,” said McCrimmon. “Giving bus passengers a clean option for their travel is critically important.”


“One of my campaign’s themes is making Ottawa the world’s greenest capital,” McKenna concluded, “Initiatives such as the Flora Footbridge, our LRT investments and the Climate Centre are concrete examples of how we can work together to build the green city we want. Transitioning from diesel to electric buses will bring us closer to that goal.”


David Taylor