Liberal candidates in Ottawa-Gatineau warn of deep cuts to public service jobs, programs and projects if Conservatives win

OTTAWA, October 15, 2019 – Liberal candidates in Ottawa and Gatineau say that if Andrew Scheer wins next Monday’s election, the Ottawa-Gatineau area will suffer deep economic damage, lost transit and other infrastructure projects and mass layoffs.

“We have seen this movie before during the Harper years, and it is a horror show. Andrew Scheer’s platform includes spending cuts four times deeper than those of Doug Ford,” said Catherine McKenna, Liberal candidate in Ottawa Centre. “They tried to sneak their platform out late on Friday, hoping few would notice – but $53 billion in cuts is more than the federal government currently spends on health care.  We are talking about massive harm.”

“An Andrew Scheer government would put thousands of public servants on the street in Ottawa and Gatineau,” said Steven MacKinnon, Liberal candidate in Gatineau.  “Harper’s $11 billion in cuts, cost more than 6,000 jobs, set the Ottawa economy reeling, created years of labour unrest, and hurt families and businesses. The effects have taken years to overcome.  But now Scheer’s plan is like Harper’s on steroids.”

Since 2015, the Liberal government has rebuilt the public service adding 14,000 positions to restore programs and services. The local economy has benefited, with local unemployment at a historic low of 4.4 percent and strong private sector growth.

A Scheer government also would shut down plans for badly needed infrastructure including new public transit in both Ottawa and Gatineau linking the National Capital Region.

“I am hearing it at the door. People are worried that Phase 3 of the LRT will never see the light of day if the Conservatives win,” said Karen McCrimmon, Liberal candidate in Kanata-Carleton. “During the Harper years, our region was starved for federal investment in infrastructure. The Liberal government came through for Phase Two, which is now under construction.”

With election day less than a week away, local Liberal candidates believe it is vital that voters realize the severe implications for the economy of the region if Andrew Scheer wins the election.  A strong Liberal team of MPs from Ottawa and Gatineau can stop Scheer’s cuts from happening.


David Taylor