Catherine McKenna Launches Bold Lawn Signs to Convey Stark Choice in the Election

OTTAWA, October 15, 2019 – Catherine McKenna, Liberal candidate in Ottawa Centre, has unveiled new election signs across Ottawa Centre to highlight the progressive vision the Liberal Party of Canada is advancing in this important election.

The messages include critical elements of the Liberal platform, values, and achievements:

● ‘Vote for Choice’
● ‘Vote to End Poverty’
● ‘Vote for Our Climate‘
● ‘Vote for Public Service Jobs’
● ‘Vote for Inclusion’ and
● ‘Vote for Gun Control’

“Conservatives could form government this year, and we could end up with a progressive opposition instead of a progressive government as happened with the election of Doug Ford’s Conservatives in Ontario,” Catherine McKenna said. “I hope these new signs will encourage those who care about these issues to reflect on just how much is on the line in this election and what choosing forward will mean.”

Voting Liberal is a vote for a progressive government that will protect a woman’s right to control her body; support cities to reduce gun violence; fight racism, homophobia, anti-semitism, and islamaphobia; ensure a strong public service and public programs for families, seniors and students; deliver an ambitious and pragmatic plan to address the climate crisis; and continue to lift children and families out of poverty.

“Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s $53 billion in cuts will lead to jobs losses in the public service and the end to robust investments in public transit and affordable housing,” McKenna warned. ’Ottawa’s now vibrant economy will stagnate, just as it did during the Harper-era.”

You can view the new signs here.


David Taylor